A very fast multithreaded ray tracer in C originally written for a school project.

C Ray Tracer is a very fast multithreaded ray tracer in C featuring a custom .scene file implementation, basic PPM file implementation, and recursive ray tracing with lighting, reflection, and three object primitives.


  • .scene file implementation:
  • PPM implementation:
    • Portable PixMap (.ppm)
    • ASCII and binary formats (P3 and P6 respectively)
  • Ray tracing:
    • Features recursive ray tracing function with ray casting
    • Allows for reflection, lighting, and more (e.g., refraction)
    • 3 primitives:
      • Sphere
      • Plane
      • Quadric
    • Very fast
      • 5.2s to render input.scene at 10000x10000 on Apple MacBook Air (Late 2020) with Clang 16
      • OpenMP to easily utilize multithreading scalable to any system
      • Aggressive inlining to minimize function overhead
      • SIMD-friendly code

Some outputs from this ray tracer are shown below:

The following example was generated from a branched version with anaglyph support:

Find the code on GitHub here.