Nick Botticelli's


  • C Ray Tracer

    A very fast multithreaded ray tracer in C originally written for a school project.

  • vma2pwn

    vma2pwn is a command-line tool for arm64 macOS to patch VMA2 (virtual Mac platform) components for restoring and booting a fully modded chain of iBoot + macOS components.

  • YSpotify

    A Spotify for Windows hooking application proof-of-concept inspired by XSpotify.

  • XNU-syscall-hiding-PoC

    Proof-of-concept showing a method to hide system calls on XNU (arm64 macOS and iOS) from static analysis.

  • usbpatchd

    Patch iOS USB restriction for SSH over USB on the lock screen on checkm8-compatible devices.

  • SpotifyUpgradeFinder

    Finds download links for specific versions of Spotify (Windows).

  • LumberjackNotes

    Android cloud note-taking application concept built with AWS Amplify.

  • cuda-number-points

    A CUDA C++ program demo to find all points within epsilon distance of each point.